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phones answered 24/7 for immediate jail release

phones answered 24/7 for immediate jail release


​arlington warrant roundup attorney
Each year, the Great Texas Warrant Roundup takes place all across the State. During the roundup, the Arlington Police Department locates and arrests drivers who have been issued traffic warrants by the Municipal Court. Has the court previously issued a warrant for your arrest? To avoid incarceration during the Arlington Warrant Roundup, consider getting in touch with the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. We have over a 20-year history of lifting warrants and posting bonds for clients taken off guard by the Arlington Warrant Roundup, and may be retained to lift your warrant and subsequently defend your case in court. For drivers who have already been arrested as a result of the roundup, our jail release attorneys may be able to post your bail and secure your immediate jail release. Looking for more information on the Arlington Warrant Roundup? Please visit our FAQ page, fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form or speak with a representative at817-685-0912.

Bail During Arlington Warrant Roundup

It is best if we are able to lift Arlington traffic warrants before our clients are incarcerated, but often the annual Arlington Warrant Roundup catches drivers off guard, and they are arrested and thrown in jail. If you have been jailed during the roundup, remember that Jack Byno & Associates provides 24/7 jail release for eligible clients. We have been posting bail bonds and providing immediate jail release for clients since 1994, and subsequently defending them at their scheduled Municipal Court hearings. If you have been arrested during the Arlington Warrant Roundup, consider seeking our law firm to post bail for you instead of a bail bondsman, who is not able to defend you in court after securing your jail release.​

Jail Release- Arlington Warrant Roundup

Have you been arrested during the Arlington Warrant Roundup? If so, you may now be seeking immediate jail release. Please be aware that the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno provides 24/7 jail release services for drivers arrested as a result of pending Arlington warrants. If we are able to get you released from jail, we may then be able to defend you at a hearing that will be scheduled with the Arlington Municipal Court. At your scheduled hearing, which you may or may not be required to attend with us, we can try to work out a favorable deal for you.​

Our law firm offers immediate jail release for eligible clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes at night, on weekends, on holidays and otherwise after regular office hours. If you have been arrested during the Arlington Warrant Roundup, keep our law firm in mind as you decide whether or nor to seek assistance from a general bail bondsman. A bondsman may be able to secure your jail release, but will not be able to represent you in court afterward.

Questions - Arlington Warrant Roundup

Do you have questions or concerns regarding the annual Arlington Warrant Roundup? If so, please give our law firm a call. Our legal representatives are standing by right now to answer your inquiries and to further explain bail bonds, jail release, and Arlington Municipal Court proceedings. For more information, please give us a call, see our FAQ page or complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form. To seek jail release after regular office hours, please call 817-685-0912.